If I Could Only Turn Back Time

Some days is difficult to get motivated. It is way impossible to carry out at least one or two things for the day. I feel like snuggling in the couch would be the best thing to do…. to relax.

Yet, inside of me want to do something. Make the best I can for the day. If somebody pour a bucket full of cold water on me, it will probably get me up and moving.

I am hoping for a great day today. Our kid is off from school due to inclement weather.  I find it difficult when she is around (in a good way). I know I have to spend quality time with her. Yes I said I have to.

Her being off from school and myself off from work is like a privilege for us. Our time together is not always perfect. Sometimes she would end up doing what she really like – reading and play with her tablet.  We would agree to do something later when my chores are done.

I work part-time; and mostly in the weekend. There are days I work 4 days in a row. It means I am not able to put her to bed and read a book. No cuddle time with hubby, missing Big Bang Theory and Guilligan’s Island. That part of day is special to us. I am not trying to make this sound like we are  perfect. We are not, but there are little things at home that we really love to do together; and it’s always at night-time, before bedtime.

That’s why when my daughter and I are both home, it’s a privilege. I start thinking what we can do together and end up worrying that the day will be over. I worry that we may not be able to spend it together.

I sometimes hate time because you chase it, work around it, and spend it wisely. You almost treat it like a precious gem.  Once it passed, it’s gone.If I could only turn back time. I can undo the past, make up the days I missed.

Well, I just need the ability to manage and prioritize. Spend it to what matters the most. Our daughter will be a kid only once. With time (I just have to love to use it wisely), we can make memories together, good or bad.

I know I really don’t have to stress myself out planning and thinking what we can do together. There’s more to life to worry about. Eating breakfast together is a good start. Watching her reading comics as she munches on her food is okay. A great time together can start right on our dining table.

I need to be reminded that simple connection is more important and it does not have to be a hard work.

Time is not in control of me. I can’t be a slave of it. It is difficult but I have to strive everyday that I get the most out of it. I can be flexible to prepare myself for circumstances that may happen and change the course of plan I have for today. I hope I won’t gripe about it but be reminded that everyday is “….the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24


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