Everyone Has A Hole In Their Socks

A poem I turned into a song for our daughter. I hope she realizes that she is not alone when she stumble life’s unfairness….. and it is okay when life is not perfect. Despite all the craziness in the world, there are so much she can be grateful for.

Everyone has a hole in their socks,

Sometimes even mismatch.

It may seems funny and you think it’s odd,

You still can wear it, please don’t feel sad.

Don’t be embarrassed, it’s not that bad,

It covers your feet, don’t fret.

Some kids are bare feet walking in the street,

They’re still happy with their dirty feet.

We can patch that hole color in pink,

Blue or black or whatever you think.

Or just wear the one I found under the sink,

I saved and washed it because it stink.

Oh daughter, don’t be bothered,

Everyone has a hole in their socks.

Give me a smile then, don’t start a fit,

If you refuse, I’ll tickle your feet.

– Chelle G. –


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