I Am Just Being A Mom

I do yell and I scream
Because my heart breaks
When I am disappointed.
I can’t pretend how I feel
When our disagreement is real
We are living, this world we
have so much to learn.
It’s okay when you see me cry,
That’s the depth in me I cannot hide.
Life did not promise perfection,
But when it hits you hard,
Watch out yourself,
Don’t be drowned by frustration.
I don’t wanna see you hurt,
I wonder what will be your reaction,
When you grow up,
There is so much destruction.
You see it first hand life’s imperfections,
My mistakes and failures.
You learn the meaning of forgiveness,
This, we will choose
To live happy and have peace.
I am telling you these,
So you will not wander,
To look for an answer
That could put you in danger.
I am just being a mom,
When I tell you something,
When I am firm and sound I am scolding,
You know there’s a reason
When I oppose to your doing,
I still love you and will always do,
But there’ll be no pretensions
that it is acceptable
The wrong you do.
You may say I am mean,
It’s not how it looks like,
I am just being a mom
Who cares and loves you.



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