Crushed, Come And Heal Me

Don’t overdo your loving,

Don’t overdo your care,

When you fail me,

It’s hurts so bad,

I can’t understand.

Misfortune becomes unknown to mind,

I haven’t been introduced to it,

My heart was never ready,

To deal with hurt aches and defeat.

I am crushed, I have no one to blame,

I am feeling the angst,

I need to let it go.

Peace is a lot to meet,

Where to find it,

Let there be joy in me,

I am crushed,

Is there anyone hearing me,

Put myself back,

Help me pick up the pieces.

Don’t want to stay so hardened,

Numb to see hope again,

Light the way Great One,

Here is me,

Crushed, come and heal me.

– Chelle G. –


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