I Was Alone But I Did Not Cry

Hello, Mary!
She just stared at me,
As I enter her room,
With my hands full,
To check her and her roommate’s vitals.
How are you today?
She answered, “I’m fine, I guess.”
What do you mean?
You’re not sure if you’re fine?
“We’ll I’m okay.”
“I’ve seen a lot of people,
A lot of them, around.
I did not talk to anyone today.
I am alone, but I did not cry.”
You wanna get out of bed?
You wanna sit on your chair?
“I really don’t feel good,
I just want to rest.”
Can get you anything?
A drink? Water or juice?
How about a little snack?
“I am good.”
Okay, I’ll be back,
I’ll see you later.
Ring the bell when you need me.
I got busy with other residents,
Striving to take care of them nicely,
And patiently.
Some nights are stressful,
That it makes me wanna scream,
And hope that my shift is over,
I am not complaining,
Just being truthful.
Some nights are great,
No falls, no ER admission,
But quietness,
Content residents.
When I re-entered Mary’s room,
To check her room-mate,
I glanced at her,
She had her hand up,
Waving at me,
Wide-eyed with a smile in her face.
When it was her turn for her medication,
She probably hated me,
Obvious facial grimaces I noticed.
And….  “Blah, where did you get all this sh&%!”
I laughed,
But she took her pills,
Fancied with apple sauce on the side.


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