Dear Self, Love Yourself

You don’t need to hide those flaws. I know you are working really hard. You are wondering how to get rid those marks that look like being trodden by a train. Oh, in-spite all the workout you’ve done, those marks remain. You feel like all your hard work is going nowhere. You get discourage.

Love your body. Embrace it. Take those marks engraved into your skin as a reminder to be grateful for the little person who lived inside you. Some women would want to be in your position, would want to experience a growing baby inside their body and I bet they won’t even worry about those flaws you are worrying about. Or maybe they won’t have the desire to be in your track, because you seemed unhappy, disappointed and too obsessed of your body image.


It’s okay to look good.  Keeping a healthy life is great.


Don’t be obsessed of your body that you may forgot the commitments you have. Find time for your kids and your family. Balance time to do household chores, grocery shopping, paying the bills, time to talk to your family, laundry, taking your kid to her piano class, swimming class, ballet and jazz dance., come home and get dinner ready, huddle in the couch for family time, get her ready for bed, read bed time story for 15 minutes, spend time with your husband, and watch Netflix, enjoy a cup of tea, yoga before hopping to bed. And do it again the next day.

It is hard. You probably are thinking, “if I could only have all the time for myself”, I could look better. I could do more reps. But time, is short and fast. Life is all yours but not really because you have people around you. Your daughter depends on you. You have to wake her up early in the morning, get her ready for school, cook her breakfast, pack her lunch, comb her hair, check her book bag, making sure she’s dress appropriately with this weather and so on. She will ask to go out, for a doughnut and hot chocolate in the weekend. It’s okay to have a bite, eat a whole doughnut. What’s wrong with you? Have fun with your kid.
Is it possible to look like that celebrity you were Googling last night? I don’t think so. You are you. That celebrity you were checking out last night, the one whom you wasted your time surfing on the net probably have a nanny to watch her kids, a housemaid, a nutritionist, and a fitness trainer, she probably have somebody who do her bills.


Just be grateful with what you have. If you have time to workout, do it. If doing it makes you feel great inside, do it. If you’re becoming obsessed with how you look, if you are running out of time for the family and the other things that needs your attention, you better check yourself out. Give yourself a break. Learn to manage your time. You can work it out and end up grateful in the end. Life is not about you. When people around you are not happy, especially the ones you love, you, yourself will never have peace and will have difficulty to be happy.

Don’t waste your time. Don’t miss out the important things in life. Manage your time.  Feel great. Keep healthy habits. Your child will benefit these from you. Your goal does not have to be looking like “celebrity who”. Set your priorities right. Don’t be obsessed and end up stressed. Be yourself. Keep your cool. Be you. A happy heart brings out a smile in your face, and you can’t contain it. It is contagious.

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

P.S. You look good. You are beautiful.



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