Stripped Naked Twice

DSC_0010I read great stories from the Bible to our kid, and I get embarrassed when I cry (although she would tell me, “It’s okay Mom.”) as I read because of overwhelming joy and realization of how great and faithful God is.

I read to her with great hope that the moment I read to her or later she will say, “This is God, He is awesome.” And that she will hold on to His grace and acknowledge Him first and always in everything she does before she even thinks of me and remember the stories I shared.

My hope is for the seed to grow and flourish.

When I read the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis, I could not hold myself but cry. It is my favorite Bible story. It seemed like we were watching a movie. It actually kind of did because I can picture images of events as I read the story to her.

God never left Joseph.

Joseph was stripped twice of his right to enjoy God’s favor in his life. When his brothers took off the coat that was made by his father, Jacob, because they were jealous of him, and sold him to the Ishmaelites. When he was forced to prison due to Potiphar’s wife. The world was not in favor of Him to be clothed with radiance, righteousness and no one wants him to be noticed that God is in him and God’s eyes finds favor in his life. He was stripped twice of his dignity so he will look undignified, not deserving, a disgrace. But God had a plan for him. Joseph did not consider everything that happened as misfortune. He did not dwell in hate. He remain faithful and fearful to God. He hold on to Him. He did not think of revenge. Instead he consumed everything and trusted God, and God blessed his life.

Joseph showed compassion to his brothers when he revealed himself to them. He could have blame them or asked one of his servants to put poison on their food when he invited them to his house, but he did not think even for a bit to do such things because he fear God. He love his brothers. Instead he was merciful. He wept and gave them a hug.

His brothers were troubled when their father, Jacob, died. They thought Joseph will treat them different, instead he reassured them prosperity in Egypt until the day he died.

The first time I read this story, I was not a believer. I read it from a very old literature, probably one of my mom’s when she was in college. This story stayed with me until the day I finally got to read it from the Bible. Each time I read this story, it overwhelms me. How can painful events in your life keep you going and stay positive? God’s wonders cannot be understood by human mind until He is ready to reveal His plan, until He is ready to show you how well He put all the pieces together. Trusting and living fearful to Him keep his life on the right track. Whatever the world dictated, how unfavorable he may seemed for those who can’t handle his right decisions, he chose to live peacefully, clean conscience because he fear God.

We were thrilled of how he “trick” his brothers just so he can meet his youngest brother, Benjamin. The second time he did not succeed but revealed himself instead so he can meet his father.

God wants all of us to prosper, to live in peace. My prayer is that we will choose to stay on track with Him no matter how naked we may appear. Acknowledge Him always so we will be reminded of where we are heading in every thing we do.


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