Peace Instead (Original)

It’s easy for us to say, “God bless you!” to those who hurts us when in fact you wanna say the opposite. Honestly, I did choose the opposite to even it out but at the end, I regret it.

When you love the Lord, you are in a position where your seat should be beaming and should shine brighter when things are going against you. It is difficult to humble ourselves, but when we do, when we stay still, we get a knock on our heads and a tap on our hearts and realize how we are living our lives and how we are affecting others. God is mysteriously good.

God bless everyone!

You are my sweet armor,
My confidence in this battle
They can’t bring me down 2X

‘Cause I’m living in your grace
Loving you love,
Savoring your mercy,
You clothed on me.

Their plot may ruin me,
Their words may sting my heart.
But Your strength is my weapon,
Your word is my refuge.

And I pray….

Cover them with Your grace,
Show them Your love,
Let them live in Your mercy,
That You clothed on me

Peace, thy peace, is all we need 2x


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