Alone With You

DSC_3331 (2)

Let this weary soul see its destiny,
I don’t have the desire to go anywhere else,
And be mistakenly
Guided by another lost soul.

Can’t you take me with you,
Alone with you?
Disclose your thoughts.
Will I ever have the chance to listen to your heart?
Be blessed with your wisdom.
Please save this hungry soul,
I am not leaving, I refuse to fall.

Your base is firm,
Where I would love to stand.
You are the pillar of my life,
You are the O ne, my hands would love to hold.

When you speak,
My heart breaks,
I long to know you more,
My eyes desires to be fixed on you,
Only to you.

Promises I can’t speak of
To offer your greatness in return.
The greatest is my hope to be with you
And forever thirst to love you,
To run to you, and never
Be away from you.

You can prolong this brokenness
So I can trust your strength.
Hope is bright.
Trusting You brings humility
And patience as I wait, as I live
As a conqueror of joy, peace and strength.

Being alone with you
satisfy my soul.

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