Simple Wish Came True

Our trip to New Jersey was the first time I drove for 6 hours.

In the Philippines, I am use to riding a bus, falling asleep, and waking up when I reach my destination.

It has been a concern to drive and fall asleep.

To make my daughter’s dream come true which is to watch the Dolphins kept me awake.

I checked our trip/what to do in the area through TripAdvisor. Stayed in a hotel close to the area where we went for sightseeing and close to the beach. Everything is available on line which made it easy to plan this simple trip.

The fear of driving outside my town, the fear of longer trips and falling asleep has gone away after this adventure. I pray for everything, anything and this is one of those. God is good. I have more freedom and confidence.


And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16


Walking On A Stilt

Learning to walk on a stilt brings back few memories of my childhood. I envied the kids who are able to balance themselves, carry things or walk fast on a bamboo stilt. It was the coolest thing to watch.

Today, at the festival, our daughter and myself learn how to walk on this. It was exciting. I felt like a little kid who just learn to ride a bike.



Our daughter requested his Dad to make her a pair. After at the festival, we stopped at Lowe’s to get the materials needed and they will be making it tomorrow. This will be their DIY project; father and daughter time.

Young One With The Elderly


Journy is showing her friend, Pearl, the photos of our vacation in New Jersey.

She used to get scared about elder folks and it was mainly due to the physical look. She did not understand how physicality changes. I worried that she may run outside of the room, or hide somewhere in the building, and just wait for me till I am done visiting.

I continued taking her during visits despite of her fear and being uncomfortable.

She noticed that my elder friends would light up when she enters the room. She started to understand and see the life of  an elderly – physically and mentally.

She does not mind when they have the same questions or stories the whole time of our conversation. It turned out that she likes to visit and would love to do it more.

The saddest part though was when one of our friend named Flo passed. Before Flo’s passing, she was very sick and was in so much pain. During our visit, we tried to make Flo comfortable. At that time, Flo was alert and oriented so we promised her that we will be back that same week. When we came back, Flo’s bed was empty. The wall where she hanged her artwork was bare. Flo is gone.

I work in a nursing home, taking care of elderly. I have seen a lot of loss. My first reaction was not to cry but I was very sad about Flo. She became a dear friend. We were quite in the car but not too long, Journy started sobbing.

My heart broke to see her heart broken. It was her first experience of losing a very good friend.

I handled the situation without saying, “this is part of life” because she is tired of that phrase. We hugged and prayed instead, it was our immediate need.

To this day, whenever I tell her that we will be visiting Pearl, her friend on this photo,  I confusedly mention the name of Flo. We will never forget. Her love of music, doodles, crossword puzzle, and making conversation.

These two here, Pearl and Journy,  met through my job.

While doing Pearl’s treatment every morning, we would talk. I would share a little bit about my family but often about Journy who loves to read which happen to be one of the things that Pearl is passionate about. I added that Journy is very interested about rocks and gems which Pearl’s late husband was very inclined to. Those two things made Pearl wonder about my kid and wanted to get to know her.

I took Journy to my work place to meet Pearl, and they become good friends.

Pearl always have stories to share but she never forgets to tell Journy, “love your mother, no one will ever love you like your mother.” Journy replied, “some days my mom is just crazy.”




As a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, things in heaven and things on earth. Ephesians 1:10