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DSC_1596abcWe pick on other’s “misfortunes” and their being different from us,and use it to define them. We think we are better, we are on a pedestal, more powerful, and we think it is relieving when we see other’s imperfections. We are so quick to assume that’s who they are base on what we hear and our own judgement. So quick to bring them down. We forgot to look at ourselves, and ponder on our unfortunate circumstances. I am sure, we have our worst nightmares, failures and heavier burden than those we belittle. We probably are living less than them, happier and content, stronger than we think.

Our hateful soul, grudging spirit, and false mouth has its own place… and this, is very true: “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Luke 6:45

Stay away from trouble.

Let go of the hate.

Stop being judgmental.

Be empathetic.

(most importantly) Always guard our hearts.


We Have A Name (No Bullying Song)

This is a plain song I wrote while alone here at home. The lyrics are not fancy. I played this to my daughter when she got home from school and I hope she understands what it means. I believe that as a parent we have to teach our kids that name calling is a form of bullying, it is not funny. Each one has its own name and shall be called by it. Labeling or name calling base on looks is humiliating. One heart, two ears and a pair of eyes simply means (and a hope) for our kids to be empathetic, listen and see what’s going around them.

CLICK HERE: We Have A Name (No Bullying Song)

The boy has a name
The girl in that corner too,
You have a name,
Me too.

Don’t call him like this,
Don’t call her like that,
We have our names.

Flat nose, pointy nose, curly hair,
It doesn’t matter how we look, we’re all the same.
Sparkly dress, ripped jeans, outdated clothes,
It doesn’t matter what we wear, we can try their shoes.

Don’t call him like this,
Don’t call her like that,
We have our names.

One heart, two ears, a pair of eyes,
We can look around, we’ll find a friend, don’t be surprised.
Small voice, loud voice, let’s make a sound,
Grab a friend, laugh out loud and dance around.

I’ll call you as you,
You call me as me,
Let’s say our names.

– Chelle G. –

See You Tomorrow

I told some of my friends that I would love to write a children’s book; but tonight I wrote a poem instead.I choose the tittle See You Tomorrow because it sounds very positive that kids can actually be great friends not only on their first meeting; and gives the new kid in the block something (hope) to look forward to the next day.

See You Tomorrow

Boys and girls make some friends,

Say hi to him, give her a wave.

Smile is free, give it away

It is better than a penny.

She is new, please don’t ignore

Let her come in

Open the door.

It’s more fun when you’re not alone

When you can talk,

Play and walk and

Share a laugh with someone.

Don’t take his lunch,

His only brunch,

Ask nicely to enjoy a crunch.

Remember your please and thank you,

Wish her a good day,

“See you tomorrow”.

You made a friend,

Today, someone is happy,

It is easy,

It did not cost you a penny.

All you need is a smile,

A simple hi,

And a great heart

To live by.

– Chelle G. _-