Lips Be Kind



speak right,

speak love,

speak life.

Watch out and think,

Before you say out loud.

Don’t hurt,

Say no to devastation.

Speak with praise and rebuke.

Voice out love,

 share uplifting thoughts,

and limitless rescuing words.

Be mindful and sensitive.

It may be better to bite those lips,

or make no sound.

Speak only to lift a lowly heart.

Aim for good.

Aim for love.

Aim to save the day.

Lips be kind always.

Chelle G.

Set a guard, oh Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips. Psalm 141:3


Calm My Soul


This is the life of want and distress,

The life of joy and robbery,

The life of contentment and uncertainty,

The life to own and build,

The life of happy and misery,

The life to treat one nice but can’t be please,

The life to achieve and fail,

The life to stand up and be heard,

The life to cherish whatever lies ahead.

This is life,

The life of imperfection to embrace,

The life of courage against all pain,

The life of dancing,

The life to calm my soul,

The life of giving and forgiving.

This is life.

The life to live whatever was behind.



*God is good all the time. I thank Him for my life. *






What a beauty,

Who can deny,

Your existence,

I am mesmerized.


I see the blue sky,

I’m feeling the breeze at night,

Countless stars in the night sky,

And the moon spread its light.


Morning dew every tomorrow,

I looked forward to yesterday.

I hear the birds singing,

What a joy it bring.

DSC_0545 a

You are close,

Closer than what I think.

You captivated me.

And you’ll always be The One.


Who amazes my heart,

Who wakes me up in the morning,

Whose air I breathe,

The One who have my heart.


Alone With You

DSC_3331 (2)

Let this weary soul see its destiny,
I don’t have the desire to go anywhere else,
And be mistakenly
Guided by another lost soul.

Can’t you take me with you,
Alone with you?
Disclose your thoughts.
Will I ever have the chance to listen to your heart?
Be blessed with your wisdom.
Please save this hungry soul,
I am not leaving, I refuse to fall.

Your base is firm,
Where I would love to stand.
You are the pillar of my life,
You are the O ne, my hands would love to hold.

When you speak,
My heart breaks,
I long to know you more,
My eyes desires to be fixed on you,
Only to you.

Promises I can’t speak of
To offer your greatness in return.
The greatest is my hope to be with you
And forever thirst to love you,
To run to you, and never
Be away from you.

You can prolong this brokenness
So I can trust your strength.
Hope is bright.
Trusting You brings humility
And patience as I wait, as I live
As a conqueror of joy, peace and strength.

Being alone with you
satisfy my soul.

Peace Instead (Original)

It’s easy for us to say, “God bless you!” to those who hurts us when in fact you wanna say the opposite. Honestly, I did choose the opposite to even it out but at the end, I regret it.

When you love the Lord, you are in a position where your seat should be beaming and should shine brighter when things are going against you. It is difficult to humble ourselves, but when we do, when we stay still, we get a knock on our heads and a tap on our hearts and realize how we are living our lives and how we are affecting others. God is mysteriously good.

God bless everyone!

You are my sweet armor,
My confidence in this battle
They can’t bring me down 2X

‘Cause I’m living in your grace
Loving you love,
Savoring your mercy,
You clothed on me.

Their plot may ruin me,
Their words may sting my heart.
But Your strength is my weapon,
Your word is my refuge.

And I pray….

Cover them with Your grace,
Show them Your love,
Let them live in Your mercy,
That You clothed on me

Peace, thy peace, is all we need 2x

Run To Me (Original)

It only took simple passage to realize how I am love.

Life is very difficult. There will be no perfection on earth but we can’t give up. We have to keep up with the race and know that when we are torn and too tired God will always pick us up. There’s no greater love and greater strength but from our God who keep us alive because He lives.

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” Corinthians 9:24

God bless everyone.

Here’s the lyrics:

Run, run to me, run to me
There’s no way out, no way out
But me.

You see that road
Look ahead
Come straight to me.

Lay your burdens down
Give it all to me.

Run, run to me, run to me
There’s no way out, no way out
But me.

Stay in my secret place,
Healing is here,
You’ll be amazed.

You won’t be denied,
My love is enough,
For you to survive.

Run, run to me, run to me
There’s no way out, no way out
But me.

You’ll live
As long as I live
Just come to me.

You’ll live
As long as I live.

Run, Run, run to me and live

Unchanging Love

DSC_0033Unchanging is God’s love, Great is His power, Deep is His mercy.

DSC_0037Enough is His grace, To fill the emptiness , Joy will overflow.

DSC_0007His strength is mighty, Weakness is defeated, Anything in Him is possible.

DSC_0035He is pure and perfect, But was slain for the sin of men, To demonstrate His great love.

DSC_0039Falling and failing,  The human heart’s offering, He never denies His love for the undeserving.

DSC_0008After all He has done, The one He loves remain stained, with doubtful minds and deceitful heart,
But He never change, He is the same God, Who loves, Who died, Who rose from the dead, And the One Who is coming.

DSC_0031He keeps loving, The ones who keeps falling. He is a faithful God, unchanging.

Unknown Destiny


Out of her shell, there she goes; no fear.
She found a new friend name courage,
Accompanied with confidence.
She struts on her way out like a pro,
No cares of what life may be
Today is all that matters,
She’s breathing the air of new life.
Today is the day to celebrate,
For finding herself.
She’s heading to the light,
In pursuit of happiness.
She’s armored with bravery,
In case she meet trouble.
Nothing can bring her down,
Her foundation is tested,
She stood and fought,
And won a battle.
She may not completely understood
what has been.
But today she can clearly see,
The beauty inside her,
the strength she have.
Impossibilities is for those who refuse to believe.
She understands the dictate of her heart,
the wisdom of her mind,
The peace of every strut,
The joy of the moment,
The life she’s leading,
The choices she’s deciding.
She’s relentless.
She’s hopeful.
She’s trusting,
The One inside her,
The One Who is greater
than he who lives in this world.
She was not alone, all along
No wonder, how persevering
Her head held high,
Looking ahead,
Reaching, unstoppable,
And soon she’ll be there,
To that unknown destiny
for non believers.

I Was Alone But I Did Not Cry

Hello, Mary!
She just stared at me,
As I enter her room,
With my hands full,
To check her and her roommate’s vitals.
How are you today?
She answered, “I’m fine, I guess.”
What do you mean?
You’re not sure if you’re fine?
“We’ll I’m okay.”
“I’ve seen a lot of people,
A lot of them, around.
I did not talk to anyone today.
I am alone, but I did not cry.”
You wanna get out of bed?
You wanna sit on your chair?
“I really don’t feel good,
I just want to rest.”
Can get you anything?
A drink? Water or juice?
How about a little snack?
“I am good.”
Okay, I’ll be back,
I’ll see you later.
Ring the bell when you need me.
I got busy with other residents,
Striving to take care of them nicely,
And patiently.
Some nights are stressful,
That it makes me wanna scream,
And hope that my shift is over,
I am not complaining,
Just being truthful.
Some nights are great,
No falls, no ER admission,
But quietness,
Content residents.
When I re-entered Mary’s room,
To check her room-mate,
I glanced at her,
She had her hand up,
Waving at me,
Wide-eyed with a smile in her face.
When it was her turn for her medication,
She probably hated me,
Obvious facial grimaces I noticed.
And….  “Blah, where did you get all this sh&%!”
I laughed,
But she took her pills,
Fancied with apple sauce on the side.

Crushed, Come And Heal Me

Don’t overdo your loving,

Don’t overdo your care,

When you fail me,

It’s hurts so bad,

I can’t understand.

Misfortune becomes unknown to mind,

I haven’t been introduced to it,

My heart was never ready,

To deal with hurt aches and defeat.

I am crushed, I have no one to blame,

I am feeling the angst,

I need to let it go.

Peace is a lot to meet,

Where to find it,

Let there be joy in me,

I am crushed,

Is there anyone hearing me,

Put myself back,

Help me pick up the pieces.

Don’t want to stay so hardened,

Numb to see hope again,

Light the way Great One,

Here is me,

Crushed, come and heal me.

– Chelle G. –

Be Still My Love

Be still my love, and see
Something is beautiful
Deep within, don’t just keep staring.

Be still my love, listen
The voice in your heart,
follow the calling.

Be still my love, and feel
the need to reach out
to care, to love
give sense of belonging.

Be still my love,
Your Lover is bless
  You live life in love with a humble soul.

Be still my love,
Your Lover is here,
Worthy is your waiting.

Be still my love,
Savor the joy.



– Chelle G. –

I Am Just Being A Mom

I do yell and I scream
Because my heart breaks
When I am disappointed.
I can’t pretend how I feel
When our disagreement is real
We are living, this world we
have so much to learn.
It’s okay when you see me cry,
That’s the depth in me I cannot hide.
Life did not promise perfection,
But when it hits you hard,
Watch out yourself,
Don’t be drowned by frustration.
I don’t wanna see you hurt,
I wonder what will be your reaction,
When you grow up,
There is so much destruction.
You see it first hand life’s imperfections,
My mistakes and failures.
You learn the meaning of forgiveness,
This, we will choose
To live happy and have peace.
I am telling you these,
So you will not wander,
To look for an answer
That could put you in danger.
I am just being a mom,
When I tell you something,
When I am firm and sound I am scolding,
You know there’s a reason
When I oppose to your doing,
I still love you and will always do,
But there’ll be no pretensions
that it is acceptable
The wrong you do.
You may say I am mean,
It’s not how it looks like,
I am just being a mom
Who cares and loves you.


Which Road Will Lead Me Back To You?

I am lost take me back to you
You satisfy my weary soul
You complete me in your hiding place
Your tender care is all I crave.

Lead me back to where I was
Where you were holding my hand
Your whispers guide my heart
Your comfort is my delight.

I went astray, I regret
Forgiveness do I deserve
I took for granted your pure love
I stumbled I can’t get up.

Where is that hiding place
Where I use to see your face
There I hear your caring voice
I need you now, lead me back to you.

Too many road for me to stride
I am confused which one is right
Should I run, or just give up
In doubt of what I may become.

Show me the way again,
Please hear my plea
Which road will lead me back to you?

Shelter me with your unfailing love
Under your wings I wanna live
I am longing to be with you
Which road will lead me back to you?

– Chelle G.-

Everyone Has A Hole In Their Socks

A poem I turned into a song for our daughter. I hope she realizes that she is not alone when she stumble life’s unfairness….. and it is okay when life is not perfect. Despite all the craziness in the world, there are so much she can be grateful for.

Everyone has a hole in their socks,

Sometimes even mismatch.

It may seems funny and you think it’s odd,

You still can wear it, please don’t feel sad.

Don’t be embarrassed, it’s not that bad,

It covers your feet, don’t fret.

Some kids are bare feet walking in the street,

They’re still happy with their dirty feet.

We can patch that hole color in pink,

Blue or black or whatever you think.

Or just wear the one I found under the sink,

I saved and washed it because it stink.

Oh daughter, don’t be bothered,

Everyone has a hole in their socks.

Give me a smile then, don’t start a fit,

If you refuse, I’ll tickle your feet.

– Chelle G. –

See You Tomorrow

I told some of my friends that I would love to write a children’s book; but tonight I wrote a poem instead.I choose the tittle See You Tomorrow because it sounds very positive that kids can actually be great friends not only on their first meeting; and gives the new kid in the block something (hope) to look forward to the next day.

See You Tomorrow

Boys and girls make some friends,

Say hi to him, give her a wave.

Smile is free, give it away

It is better than a penny.

She is new, please don’t ignore

Let her come in

Open the door.

It’s more fun when you’re not alone

When you can talk,

Play and walk and

Share a laugh with someone.

Don’t take his lunch,

His only brunch,

Ask nicely to enjoy a crunch.

Remember your please and thank you,

Wish her a good day,

“See you tomorrow”.

You made a friend,

Today, someone is happy,

It is easy,

It did not cost you a penny.

All you need is a smile,

A simple hi,

And a great heart

To live by.

– Chelle G. _-