Simple Wish Came True

Our trip to New Jersey was the first time I drove for 6 hours.

In the Philippines, I am use to riding a bus, falling asleep, and waking up when I reach my destination.

It has been a concern to drive and fall asleep.

To make my daughter’s dream come true which is to watch the Dolphins kept me awake.

I checked our trip/what to do in the area through TripAdvisor. Stayed in a hotel close to the area where we went for sightseeing and close to the beach. Everything is available on line which made it easy to plan this simple trip.

The fear of driving outside my town, the fear of longer trips and falling asleep has gone away after this adventure. I pray for everything, anything and this is one of those. God is good. I have more freedom and confidence.


And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16