“You asked for a child, and there she is. You have her!” my husband would always tell me this when I complain of not having energy to get out of the house and do any activities with her. 
I am beyond grateful and I am reminded how faithful God is when the little one came after being told by my doctor that I can’t conceive. 
Today, is her last day of summer since school will be tomorrow. My body and mind is set to stay in the house and to accomplish what’s on my to-do-list. But she wants to have fun. 
Life as we all know is not always about us. It is hard but I learn to be flexible, manage my time, manage to smile and watch my attitude when my plan is interrupted. 
I was cranky at first, while planning and looking where we can go today. 
When she came to me, and said, “Thank you Mama for thinking of me,” it just crushed my heart in a good way. 
Switching off negative attitude results gratitude. 
I am not giving credit to myself but it is good to think of the ones you love first amidst a list of household chores because there should be great memories (at least try the best we can) in every moment that this life brings us. 

Blessings to all the Mama’s and Papas!

And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. 1 John 2:17 


We Have A Name (No Bullying Song)

This is a plain song I wrote while alone here at home. The lyrics are not fancy. I played this to my daughter when she got home from school and I hope she understands what it means. I believe that as a parent we have to teach our kids that name calling is a form of bullying, it is not funny. Each one has its own name and shall be called by it. Labeling or name calling base on looks is humiliating. One heart, two ears and a pair of eyes simply means (and a hope) for our kids to be empathetic, listen and see what’s going around them.

CLICK HERE: We Have A Name (No Bullying Song)

The boy has a name
The girl in that corner too,
You have a name,
Me too.

Don’t call him like this,
Don’t call her like that,
We have our names.

Flat nose, pointy nose, curly hair,
It doesn’t matter how we look, we’re all the same.
Sparkly dress, ripped jeans, outdated clothes,
It doesn’t matter what we wear, we can try their shoes.

Don’t call him like this,
Don’t call her like that,
We have our names.

One heart, two ears, a pair of eyes,
We can look around, we’ll find a friend, don’t be surprised.
Small voice, loud voice, let’s make a sound,
Grab a friend, laugh out loud and dance around.

I’ll call you as you,
You call me as me,
Let’s say our names.

– Chelle G. –