Frozen-Like Birthday Party

She is grateful to have her friends around and celebrated her 7th birthday with them. She decided to have it today since her BFF will not be able to come on her actual birthday, plus my husband and I were home.

One week before her party, I asked her what she likes or want for her birthday and she answered, “I don’t know”. She really does not make a list or  ask for a special gift on her birthdays; neither on Christmas time.

Since, I (traditionally) bake our birthday cakes, I wanted to know if there is anything particular she likes for hers.  Not to my surprise, she requested a cake that resemblance Elsa from Disney Movie, FROZEN.

I made her request. It was not a perfect Elsa cake, but I tried. She was very happy about it. I baked cupcakes as well for her friends to take home with their goody bags.

They hang out in the house. Play whatever toys my daughter have. Rainbow looming. Animal-Poly. Made a hide out under the dining table.

It was a very simple party. The kids had fun. I’m glad they came despite with the cold breezy weather. We’re glad we did not cancel the party.

Here are some clips of her FROZEN-like birthday celebration.

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24