What a beauty,

Who can deny,

Your existence,

I am mesmerized.


I see the blue sky,

I’m feeling the breeze at night,

Countless stars in the night sky,

And the moon spread its light.


Morning dew every tomorrow,

I looked forward to yesterday.

I hear the birds singing,

What a joy it bring.

DSC_0545 a

You are close,

Closer than what I think.

You captivated me.

And you’ll always be The One.


Who amazes my heart,

Who wakes me up in the morning,

Whose air I breathe,

The One who have my heart.



Be A Warrior (Original)

I am technically challenge and I finally figured out how to put the words on this video.
I hope we all desire to rise up and win our daily battle. It maybe from picking up socks, wiping mess in our kitchen table, planning of what to cook or finding motivation to the things that needs to be done, or we have so much difficulty to get out of our comfort zone, whatever it is, cry out to God, give it all to Him, acknowledge Him in everything we do or we wanna do. There is no other means to find peace and gain strength and living life to the fullest but thru Him.

God bless you and me!

I’m meek, I’m weak
But I desire to spread my wings to fly
Soar freely in the sky tonight
And not be frightened when the daylight arrives.

My lips are tight
Purify my soul Almighty Christ
Speak Your words to me and be my guide
Without trembling in the crowd tonight.

I wanna be a warrior2x
Can my voice echo thru the valley?
I wanna be a warrior.

I desire to rise
Refine my heart, redeemer’s fire
Defeat the battle, never give up this fight
You’re with me all the way
Till the sunrise.

I wanna be a warrior2x
Can my voice echo thru the valley?
I wanna be a warrior.

I wanna be a warrior2x
With my hands raised up to the heavens
I wanna be a warrior.

Alone With You

DSC_3331 (2)

Let this weary soul see its destiny,
I don’t have the desire to go anywhere else,
And be mistakenly
Guided by another lost soul.

Can’t you take me with you,
Alone with you?
Disclose your thoughts.
Will I ever have the chance to listen to your heart?
Be blessed with your wisdom.
Please save this hungry soul,
I am not leaving, I refuse to fall.

Your base is firm,
Where I would love to stand.
You are the pillar of my life,
You are the O ne, my hands would love to hold.

When you speak,
My heart breaks,
I long to know you more,
My eyes desires to be fixed on you,
Only to you.

Promises I can’t speak of
To offer your greatness in return.
The greatest is my hope to be with you
And forever thirst to love you,
To run to you, and never
Be away from you.

You can prolong this brokenness
So I can trust your strength.
Hope is bright.
Trusting You brings humility
And patience as I wait, as I live
As a conqueror of joy, peace and strength.

Being alone with you
satisfy my soul.

Be Still My Love (Original)

When God wants us to wait, it is because He have a plan. He wants us to honor Him by not sulking and in frustration. He probably wants us to do something instead of wasting our time. And whatever His plan is as we stay still and wait, when His favor comes we will savor the joy. Joy is more than happiness. Joy lasts no matter what circumstances we are in. Joy is our heart’s attitude/character that enable us to remain grateful and positive in living our lives. 

Be Still My Love by C.G

Be still my love, and see
Something is beautiful
Deep within.

Be still my love, listen
The voice in your heart,
follow the calling.

Be still my love, and feel
the need to reach out
to care, to love
give sense of belonging.

Be still my love,
Your Lover is bless
You live your life in love with a humble soul.

Be still my love,
Your Lover is near,
Worthy is the wait.

Be still my love,
He’s here.
Be still my love,
Your Lover is here,
Savor the joy.

Run To Me (Original)

It only took simple passage to realize how I am love.

Life is very difficult. There will be no perfection on earth but we can’t give up. We have to keep up with the race and know that when we are torn and too tired God will always pick us up. There’s no greater love and greater strength but from our God who keep us alive because He lives.

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” Corinthians 9:24

God bless everyone.

Here’s the lyrics:

Run, run to me, run to me
There’s no way out, no way out
But me.

You see that road
Look ahead
Come straight to me.

Lay your burdens down
Give it all to me.

Run, run to me, run to me
There’s no way out, no way out
But me.

Stay in my secret place,
Healing is here,
You’ll be amazed.

You won’t be denied,
My love is enough,
For you to survive.

Run, run to me, run to me
There’s no way out, no way out
But me.

You’ll live
As long as I live
Just come to me.

You’ll live
As long as I live.

Run, Run, run to me and live

No One Is Like Our God (Original)

I am a thriving creation of the Lord who admits to be imperfect and amidst all my failures I witness His greatness and that leads me to give Him praise and acknowledge His grace. This song kept popping out in my head and my heart started to singing it … while trying to get stuff done in the house because it was my day off. I believe prayer does not have to be in a perfect place and perfect mood to impress Him. God listens with a grateful heart, He pays attention even to the ones who thinks they have the smallest voice.

God bless everyone and be glad there is no one like Him.

No One Is Like Our God by C.G

Who walked in water
Who rebuked the storm
The One who is risen from the dead.

Who shed His blood
Who took the shame
To pay for our sins.

Who is majestic
Riding in the clouds
Who promise to return.

No one, no one, no one is like you, Oh God

Who fill my cup
When it is empty
No one but You God.

Who shine the light
In the path of darkness
No one but You God.

You think you are forsaken
Your world is crumbling down
You can run to the God of love.

Forgiveness will be given
Burdens will be light
Joy in Him you’ll find.

You can run to Him
You don’t have to be ashamed 2x

Everyone Has A Hole In Their Socks

A poem I turned into a song for our daughter. I hope she realizes that she is not alone when she stumble life’s unfairness….. and it is okay when life is not perfect. Despite all the craziness in the world, there are so much she can be grateful for.

Everyone has a hole in their socks,

Sometimes even mismatch.

It may seems funny and you think it’s odd,

You still can wear it, please don’t feel sad.

Don’t be embarrassed, it’s not that bad,

It covers your feet, don’t fret.

Some kids are bare feet walking in the street,

They’re still happy with their dirty feet.

We can patch that hole color in pink,

Blue or black or whatever you think.

Or just wear the one I found under the sink,

I saved and washed it because it stink.

Oh daughter, don’t be bothered,

Everyone has a hole in their socks.

Give me a smile then, don’t start a fit,

If you refuse, I’ll tickle your feet.

– Chelle G. –