I Just Saved A Penny And Made A Little Girl Happy

skating pad project1

She started learning to skate. Two sessions were tough. She ended up in tears every fall. Our goal is for her to learn and have fun. So I came up with this idea. For some, they discourage kids to were pads since it won’t be of help in the long run if kids decided to join competition like figure skating. But for now, this is what she needs and it’s working good for her.

Once she learn to balance, hopefully, she will give this up.

By the way, as you can see, the pad is not touching her skin. She’s wearing her underwear, then her thermal pants; then her skating butt pad and snug it with a loose underwear or shorts. Finally, herĀ  snowboard pants. It’s not tight and she feels more comfortable.

I’m grateful for this idea, I did not spend a penny.