More Adventure

This year, my daughter and I start to explore the area where we live. We both are inspired after we made a trip to New Jersey this summer. It was with bravery that I manage to drive for six hours. I used to be fearful and it was concerning for my family to drive that far because I tend to fall asleep. But this year, we made it safe going to Cape May and Wildwood Crest; and coming home. It proved myself that I can do all things when I let go of fear and with prayers.

Cucumber Falls and Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright were our first to explore around our area. Hopefully we can go and do more next year.

This video seemed fun to make and I think I will keep doing it. I am still learning the tricks of editing. I just used my Samsung Galaxy S7. Next time, I will probably use my DSLR camera and hopefully I will figure out how to edit on a desktop computer.

Anyway, I enjoy it very much and feel so blessed to have our daughter as my travel buddy. She has been traveling with me since she was 4 and around that time she was already reading from plane tickets, destination and listen to announcements. She helps me a lot with direction; and calms me down when I get so stressed due to late arrivals for our connecting flights.

Little things, simple trips bring me joy and gratitude; and I really am looking forward for more adventures with her while she is little, only 12 years old at this time, before she leaves for college.


For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. Luke 12:23

The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.Psalm 121:8


Walking On A Stilt

Learning to walk on a stilt brings back few memories of my childhood. I envied the kids who are able to balance themselves, carry things or walk fast on a bamboo stilt. It was the coolest thing to watch.

Today, at the festival, our daughter and myself learn how to walk on this. It was exciting. I felt like a little kid who just learn to ride a bike.



Our daughter requested his Dad to make her a pair. After at the festival, we stopped at Lowe’s to get the materials needed and they will be making it tomorrow. This will be their DIY project; father and daughter time.

Nature’s Beauty


Only with nature where

you can stay still,

express yourself,

your story of good and bad

with no judgment in return,

but peace, joy

and gratitude

to take home with you.